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Pet Services in Cave Creek, AZ

 About Us

Peace Love Bulldog, LLC is your friendly pet services provider in Cave Creek, AZ. Peace Love Bulldog provides pet care for your furry, and sometimes not so furry, family members when you need a helping hand.

Owner Nicholas Ilukowicz’s passion for his own pets led to the creation of Peace Love Bulldog.  Resident bulldogs Winston and Wrigley provide Nicholas with daily reminders to provide Compassionate Care for Man’s Best Friend.


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Dog Walking

Overnight Care

Evening Tuck-ins

Pet Services in Cave Creek, Arizona

Looking for pet care services in the Cave Creek, AZ area?  Then you’ve found the right place.  Peace Love Bulldog offers a compassionate helping hand for your pets.  Have a pet that suffers anxiety while boarding?  Try our in home care or overnight services and remove the stress from your furry family member. Has life gotten just a little too busy and you need a hand with dog walking?  We’d love to help, and who knows we might even play fetch with Fido.

Tips for Working From Home with Pets

Back in the days when people actually left their homes to go to work most of us just assumed our pets spent the day sleeping, tracking down hidden treats and sitting at the front window waiting for us to come home. But now we’re home 24/7 and their schedule is totally...

Five Reason a Consistent Routine is Important

Dog trainers always stress the importance of following a schedule when it comes to everything from housebreaking to daily exercise routines. These schedules shouldn’t be set in stone, flexibility needs play a role for those times when life gets in the way,...

Special Needs Pets are our Specialty

There are numerous reasons you may need a pet care provider, but your best buddy has special needs and you want to make sure you find just the right person. We understand. Your pet is so important to you and you need to know their particular concerns will be handled...

Let Cat Enrichment Visits Enhance your Cat’s Daily Routine

We all know cats are pretty self-sufficient. Give them food, water and a clean litter box and they basically take care of themselves. Or that’s what most people assume, but not cat owners. Those with cats know they need, expect, demand and want a great deal...

Dog Walking, More Than Just a Bathroom Break

Dogs, like many people, are creatures of habit. They like a regular schedule to go outside and smell the fresh air, enjoy some exercise, and of course, relieve themselves.  In addition to bathroom breaks, dogs also need plenty of physical exercise along with...

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