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Pet Services in Cave Creek, AZ

Let Cat Enrichment Visits Enhance your Cat’s Daily Routine

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We all know cats are pretty self-sufficient. Give them food, water and a clean litter box and they basically take care of themselves. Or that’s what most people assume, but not cat owners. Those with cats know they need, expect, demand and want a great deal more. 

Cats are born with a predatory nature and without some type of activity to keep them engaged they may end up anxious, bored, depressed and with stress related health problems. Signs a cat may be upset and frustrated include: 

  • Scratching carpets, rugs and furniture. 
  • Purposely missing the litter pan. 
  • Excessive grooming or other compulsions. 
  • Playing in water or food dishes. 
  • Inappropriate or exaggerated vocalization. 

Both physical and mental stimulation can go a long way in changing your cat’s behavior today and as they age. Studies have shown a daily routine that includes plenty of interaction and physical activity, along with a healthy diet, may stave off cognitive decline when they are older. 


Cats LOVE toys! To you and me it looks like an empty paper bag or cardboard box, but to a cat it’s a hide and seek playground. Toys with feathers, squeaky toys, balls with bells, fishing pole toys, laser pointers, even a string being pulled through the house…cats love ‘em all! Add a little catnip and it even gets better. Just remember, cats like kids get bored with their toys, so it’s important to add new ones or rotate their current supply to keep them entertained. 

Cat Enrichment Activities 

Fuzzy mice full of catnip and climbing cat trees are fun and go a long way in keeping cats entertained and physically active, but they still need more; they need human interaction. And if you’re busy at work, on the road traveling, or simply have too much on your plate, perhaps it’s time to consider the services of a pet care provider.

Whether it’s playing fetch, chasing a feathered cat teaser, or simply spending time cuddling and being petted, cats definitely need and enjoy the extra attention. Then in addition to providing mental and physical activities the pet caregiver will also check the litter box, refill food and water, offer snacks (only with owner approval) and even give a quick brushing or combing if your furry housemate agrees. 

Cats are sociable creatures and when given the opportunity to spend more time playing and interacting with humans, the happier and more secure they feel, which leads to a calmer household and may even stop those 3AM dance parties in the middle of your bed! 

Ready to introduce someone new into your cat’s life? Call Nicholas with Peace Love Bulldog today at 602-692-2830 to schedule a meet and greet. Peace Love Bulldog: following all Covid-19 guidelines because your safety and the safety of your pets is our #1 concern.