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Pet Services in Cave Creek, AZ

Five Reason a Consistent Routine is Important

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Dog trainers always stress the importance of following a schedule when it comes to everything from housebreaking to daily exercise routines. These schedules shouldn’t be set in stone, flexibility needs play a role for those times when life gets in the way, but overall a daily routine benefits both owner and dog. 

  • Dogs are so intuitive, they can sense when there is tension or excitement in the household or when their owner is getting ready to leave without them. Scheduling daily quality time with your dog is important. This helps to strengthen the bond between you and your pet as well as may help to ease your pet’s anxiety. 
  • The majority of dogs are major chowhounds, always begging for treats or table scraps. For many dogs a daily feeding schedule is the main event of their day and being fed at the same time provides security, helps cope during times of stress and also keeps them from becoming overweight. 
  • Consistency is the key to successful training. Dogs feel more secure knowing what to expect and a calm happy dog is an easier dog to train. Training sessions should be kept to 10 minutes or less and only focus on one particular skill each day. Mental stimulation along with physical activity equals a better behaved dog. 
  • Obviously when housebreaking a puppy regular bathroom breaks are a necessity. But after a dog is completely housebroken fewer breaks will be needed. Most adult dogs require between 4 and 6 bathroom breaks scheduled at regular intervals. Dogs that are forced to hold their urine for long periods of time are not only physically uncomfortable but may end up with health concerns including urinary tract infections and urinary stones. 
  • Getting your dog on the same sleep schedule as yours may be difficult but the rewards are worth it. Give them their own bed and make their sleep environment as pleasant as possible. Make sure they get plenty of exercise during the day so they’ll be tired and ready for sleep, but don’t play too close to bedtime or just like kids, they’ll be wound up and wide awake. Finally give them one last bathroom break so you both can sleep straight through the entire night. 

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