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Pet Services in Cave Creek, AZ

Tips for Working From Home with Pets

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Back in the days when people actually left their homes to go to work most of us just assumed our pets spent the day sleeping, tracking down hidden treats and sitting at the front window waiting for us to come home. But now we’re home 24/7 and their schedule is totally disrupted. Check out these tips to help your pet adapt to their “new normal.” 

  • It has been well documented that pets quickly pick up on their owner’s emotions. And who hasn’t been stressed, worried or concerned over the past year? Zoologist Lina Roth of Sweden’s Linkoping University believes “dogs also tend to synchronize their own stress levels with those of their owners.” So while it is also common knowledge that pet companionship can provide both major physical and mental health benefits, it’s important to remember the emotional toll your pet maybe experiencing. Just as with humans, physical exercise is a positive stress reducer, and a great way to spend some one-on-one time with your pet. 
  • Depending on your pet and your circumstances you may decide a pet-free work space is in everyone’s best interest. Giving your pet their own dedicated area can go a long way in having bark-free phone calls or Zoom meetings. Just make sure to take the time to train your pet to spend time in their space when necessary. Let them know they aren’t being punished by including treat puzzles, chew bones and taking short breaks to check on them. Also, you may want to consider using a pet care provider to come by and take your dog for longer walks if your time is limited. 
  • We haven’t forgotten about our feline friends! If you’re like us, Amazon has probably become your new best friend and you have a plethora of boxes waiting to be recycled. Before breaking down all those boxes line up a couple and let your cat pick their favorite. Or cut a hole in each box, place them up side by side and let Fluffy have a kitty condo. Kitty treats, catnip, squeaky toys…these are all things that will help keep your cat happy and entertained. Also, if you have a “talker” and need quiet during conference calls, break the habit of talking back to your cat when they meow. Cats respond to verbal attention and will soon lose interest if their meows are not reciprocated. 

Peace Love Bulldog is currently accepting new clients. We follow all CDC Covid-19 guidelines and work hard to insure you and your pet’s health and safety. To schedule an online interview please call Nicholas at 602-692-2830.